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We create & implement designer furniture & accessories reflecting your taste and lifestyle.

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Homeworks offers complete home interior design and furnishing solutions from designer curtains to custom furniture, covering all aspects of home interiors. Matching interiors with your lifestyle is our top priority and our hand-crafted furniture and other decorative accessories are designed specifically with our sole purpose in mind. By providing home furnishing services, our aim is to also lighten the burden of our customers who would otherwise hire furniture manufacturers or shop for matching furniture and other accessories to add that final touch. And we also help keep the costs down.

Be it a small home remodeling project or construction from scratch, we pick best designer curtains in Chandigarh, furniture and everything else to ensure they not just add complete richness to your home, but also enhance overall appearance and display your lifestyle to the guests visiting your home.

Whatever your interior theme or idea of your dream home, Homeworks’ furnishing professionals are apt to provide you with the service and quality you deserve. Explore Real Projects »

Homeworks Brings Complete Peace of Mind With Right Furnishing
& Furniture Products That Are Both Comfortable & Elegant!

Drawing on our experience in the interior design industry and designing a beautiful range of furnishing accessories, we work with you to create inspiring bespoke furniture, bedding, upholstery and curtains in Chandigarh that will help set your establishment apart. Our furnishing experts don’t rely on the catalogues of existing designs, but create unique items to bring your creative ideas to life while ensuring you get the best quality, reliably at an affordable price. We can turn your space into innovative, engaging interiors.


We create designer furniture, each handcrafted by professional designers with highest craftsmanship, quality materials with upholstery that match your interior design theme in our company-owned workshop.


Your kitchen and bathroom are essential parts of your life, so we take special care while choosing decorative items, fittings and attachments to maximise their appearance.


With a new choice of matching cushions, bedding and throw available in an array of colours and designs, we’ll help you achieve that perfect look.


Curtains are great way to maintain a positive environment in your room. We create designer curtain in Chandigarh to match with your interior theme and furniture.

How We’re Different?

At Homeworks, we’re specialists in creating innovative, unique custom furniture and other decorative items and we work closely with you on your home furnishing project to help pick the right piece that complements the entire home appearance. We carefully listen to your creative ideas and thoughts about your dream home interiors because these are the ideas what drive us to create something new and better for every home interior design and furnishing project.


At Homeworks, we don’t follow catalogues, unlike others. But, we create fresh furnishing items, according to your specific home design, ceilings and colour scheme.

  • From curtains to furniture, everything is custom designed.
  • We design unique, innovative furnishing items that are completely personal to you.
  • We also guide you to choose that fits best.

Small or large, we take every project with same enthusiasm and energy because client satisfaction is our prime goal and it reflects in our success.

  • Handmade furniture for every room of your home.
  • Curtains and linens that complement the overall appearance of your room interiors.
  • Every single item you need to achieve perfect look.


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